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To all customers, suppliers and partners:

I am Alex Vivi, the market director of BLOOM TECH, Because of the development of our company, the original website has already run over 10 years, the background of website is unable to meet the comprehensive requirements.

We announce that our former website has stop using on Nov.4th 2019, at the same time, our new website will run. The original realm name remains unchanged, www.Bloomtechz.com

Judging from the data about company’s operation before, we will insist on what is correct, as for the wrong things, we will inspect and avoid them. So we will continue our management policy, management target(quality & EHS target) . We convince that we can make both you and us develop steadily.

Management policy:Respecting science,protecting environment, BLOOM TECH gets product from nature and science, benefiting mankind!

Management target:

1.Quality target

(1)The qualified rate of delivered product is: 100%

(2)Order fill rate: 95%, Order fill rate on time: 90%

(3)New product R&D success rate:80%

(4)The customers complaint: less than 3 times


(1)Under the quality supervision and our quality system, we can’t tolerate anyone unqualified product delivery and it is no reason to maintain 100%

(2)Trying to increase 1% per year

(3)Trying to increase 2% per year

(4)The goal is zero complaint. According to the sort of complaints on the procedures of dealing with customer’s complaint of quality system. The class 1 is zero, and reducing class II and below complaints compared with the previous year, and zero is better

This quality target above that is the main data of the KPI on our whole staff

2.EHS target

(1)Wast water/gas discharge over the standard on regulations

(2)The numbers of the serious environment accident happened is 0

(3)The numbers of the industrial diseases is 0

(4)The numbers of serious accidents of injury or death is 0

(5)The numbers of fire accidents is 0

The EHS target is the basic of company operation, we must focus on them and make sure the EHS system run well.

We will make full use of our traditional advantages, building the professional R&D, manufacturing, sales and management team, providing the best product and service for you. We will optimize the quality of our product all the time, and we become to the stable foundation for you under our efforts. With the development of the whole industrial chain, we convince you and us can benefit from our cooperation.

-Alex vivi

July 25, 2020









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