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Application status of peptides
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Application status of peptides

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With the development of biotechnology, the application of peptides is more and more extensive. At present, peptides have been used in medicine, health care, food, cosmetics, biomaterials, biological pesticides and many other fields.

 peptides play a special role in the field of medicine.

1.First of all, peptides have a certain targeting effect, which can directly act on cells. Moreover, peptides are small molecular substances, which are easy to be absorbed by the body, and have a very high utilization rate. They will not have side effects on the body, and are not easy to be allergic. Therefore, peptides are safe and fast compared with other chemical drugs. With the progress of biotechnology and the development of medicine, the research on the function and structure of peptides is more and more in-depth, and more peptides gradually replace the traditional chemical drugs.

2.Secondly, peptides are active functional protein fragments, so peptides have certain specificity and can be used as antigens or antibodies. Therefore, we combine peptides with vaccines to develop peptide vaccines with certain functional value and suitable for human body.

For health products, food and cosmetics, peptide has a unique role in nutritional supplement

  • For health care

Peptide can not only provide rich nutrition for the body, play a certain function value, but also exist in the body in the form of carrier, promote the absorption of other nutrients, thus improving the body nutrition. Moreover, peptide can promote digestion and decomposition of intestines and stomach, so as to relieve the pressure of the body and improve the environment of the body.

  • For food

peptide can accelerate the absorption of food, improve the utilization rate of food, improve the nutritional metabolism of protein, fat and sugar, regulate the nervous system and regulate the nutritional balance of human body. We add peptides to milk and yogurt, which can improve the nutrition of food, promote the absorption of food, and increase the taste of food. Add peptide to tea powder to make your mind clearer and concentrate more.


 The peptide can be made into powder or liquid food to relieve fatigue. For some people who are prone to insomnia, taking peptides that can improve sleep quality before going to bed, and adding casein peptide to food can promote the absorption of calcium.

  • For cosmetics

peptide can promote the absorption of certain nutrients, accelerate the metabolism of skin cells, and delay the aging of the body. Moreover, peptides can provide abundant raw materials for protein production and promote the production of skin protein.


Moreover, some peptides can also play a certain antioxidant role, so as to alleviate skin aging, and even some peptides can play the role of whitening and beauty.

These are not the only functions of peptides. With the in-depth study of peptides, we believe that more functions of peptides will be discovered, and the application fields of peptides will be more and more extensive.









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