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BLOOM TECH (Since 2008) 99.0% High purity big bar crystal CAS 102-97-6 N-Isopropylbenzylamine
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BLOOM TECH (Since 2008) 99.0% High purity big bar crystal CAS 102-97-6 N-Isopropylbenzylamine

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Chemical Formula: C10H15N
Exact Mass: 149.12
Molecular Weight: 149.24
m/z: 149.12 (100.0%), 150.12 (10.8%)
Elemental Analysis: C, 80.48; H, 10.13; N, 9.39
Price: $ 37.2

BLOOM TECH (Since 2008) factory store 99.0% High purity, big bar crystal CAS 102-97-6 N-Isopropylbenzylamine

99.0% High purity, Big Bar Crystal ang New Researching Achievements Derivative of CAS 102-97-6 N-Isopropylbenzylamine

Product manager(Business & Technology support): 


Alex vivi

First of all, we declare the principle below, please pay attention:

1.Each words are real, each pictures was taken with the real product. The buyers needn't to confirm again. No lie in our business communication!

2.Some seller use the unreasonable price to attract and cheat foreigners, please compare the price in the same level quality! The common fake/low-qualified goods please check below:

(1)"Compressed powder" pretend to crystal, it can't be atomized and absolutely no use.

Real case below:

Example: A Canadian buyer purchased several times from us, then their business grow rapidly, they need to buy 200kg. At the period of Quotation, the price of one seller is the 2/3 of us. Although we tried our best to explain, in vain. After the buyer received the goods (pictures below), they send the pictures to us. The goods was put into dustbin, the business relationship, the efforts of all and their money are equal to be in dustbin as well.


(2)Oiled crystal or broken crystal

Some buyers feedback: The fake crystal has strong Pungent smell of "chemical & gasoline", the majority of reasons due to the fake goods manufactures, low capacity of the purifying and the Crystallization technology. In fact, the pure N ISO has a bit of smell indeed, but it is not so serious, and we have other warm specifications, the details please check below:


Guide of purchase(How to purchase)

1.Please choose one product, and tell us the qty.

(Clear chemical name + quantity)

2.We quote and provide the shipping solution. 

(Quotation & Shipping solution)

3.Payment, we will create order in our company and ship it out in 1-3 work days.

4.We provide the tracking No. and complete files for customs clearance.

5.Other consultation about technology support, chemical customize (Please send inquiry on our website, Our sales will contact you in short time).

Not only we can do N iso in crystal, but also we can do many other chemicals M.F(Molecular formula): C10H15N in crystal, from the feedback of others, different chemicals has different effect.

Product details

1.We are Pursuing the best chemical Crystallization technology, we insist the quality no matter how fierce competition.

2.We are still fighting with the low quality price, unreasonable price.

3.We are a chemical researching agency & factory, we are a manufacturer, we make a living on Chemistry, we don't do anything shame on Great Chemistry!

(1)CAS 102-97-6, N-Isopropylbenzylamine(Short for N-ISO)

Three specifications:

Ⅰ.Pure N-ISO(Melting point 200 degree) 

3 shapes of crystal from the right 1st to 3rd, it has smell but the size of crystal is the biggest.

Ⅱ.N-ISO mixed with MSM(CAS 67-71-0) (Melting point 180 degree)

The left 2nd is it, the size of crystal, smell and MP are all in medium.

Ⅲ.N-ISO mixed with MSM(CAS 67-71-0) (Melting point 170 degree)

The left 1st is it, the size of crystal, smell and MP are all in min.

N-ISO + MSM, melting point 170 degree_副本

New achievements of other color crystal(Pink, blue, yellow etc., if need, welcome to contact our sales)

Pink N iso food grade

(2)CAS 4395-73-7, 4-Isopropylbenzylamine(Short for 4-ISO)


(3)CAS 22374-89-6, 2-Amino-4-phenylbutane(Short for 2A4P)

Appearance comparing 1 with 3

About Shipping

1.Our orders of this product is over 1,000/year, we have the advanced shipping experience.

2.Shipping as another no sensitive chemical name, complete files for customs clearance,

3.If you are individual, our sales will guide you about the customs clearance step by step.

4.TOP market of this product: USA, Australia, Canada, New zealand, Indonesia, Germany, Japan etc. 

About effect

1.We are a chem-tech lab, we focus on How to achieve it (Organic synthesis). We don't know effect of medical & durgs. 

2.If your budget is enough, pls contact us for chemical customization.(Only legal)

3.Maybe some makers buy the product as additive, directly effect or researching.

4.N-ISO, 4-ISO, 2A4P are in HOT Sale, After your inquiry, our sales will provide the feedback from other buyers.

Read to Ship

For the researchers who know the Crystallization technology, to achieve this crystal is not a easy thing, and our 3rd 3,000 m2 lab has accomplished Since Mar. 2021.

Now our production has more than 3 tons/month, the process of crystal pls check below:

1. Crystal seeds




3.Read to ship




Through the 10+ years efforts, for this chemicals, we have a small achievement. Deeply appreciate for each buyers of us!!! 



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  New specification
  Technology consultation

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5    CAS-102-97-6 N-Isopropylbenzylamine

By  Christian Yee  on 2021-01-12

the analytical grade order arrived on time and to specifications according for the NMR analysis. Bloomtech is very reliable API resource. highly recommended !



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