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Business cooperation of chemical reagent
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Business cooperation of chemical reagent

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Nowadays, more and more traders ask us about the wholesale of chemical reagent, as the request the our sales department, we show our guide on here, please check details below:


We only purchase the TOP quality reagent in China market, we seek the long-term, stable cooperation. Our principle: Reject fake goods!Reject low quality! Otherwise the quality problem will bring much trouble, in the whole progress.


In the standard of quality, our price is absolutely as same as local China market. For explanation, we do organic synthesis 12 years, almost all the chem reagent companies have the stable relationship with us. We can purchase at 10%-20% discount, so this part is our profit. So we will draft the MOQ($10,000) between us.

3.Sincere and Honesty

We bring out the whole sincere, if you are doubt if our price is really as same as local China market, we will send the example list, you can compare with the price standard. Then please give us the certain answer, only one thing: "We are certain to buy or not?" If yes, send us the quotation list, we fill the information in it.

Common questions:

1.About the Shipping

You'd better provide the forwarder, it is suit for yourself. The best method is you can receive goods in local China, we provide the FOB service. If not, don’t worry, we have professional forwarder can do the shipping of variety chemicals.

2.100% T/T in advance

In the whole business, you can be served by us. And we will provide the clear lead time and obey it, so absolutely don’t worry our work, and please don’t let the financial issue block the schedule of business.

3.Dangerous goods, we negotiate alone.

We also have professional forwarder of dangerous goods, as for it, we can quote independently.



April 3th,2020



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