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CAS 1716-12-7 Sodium 4-phenylbutyrate
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CAS 1716-12-7 Sodium 4-phenylbutyrate

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Sodium phenylbutyrate is a salt of an aromatic fatty acid, 4-phenylbutyrate (4-PBA) or 4-phenylbutyric acid. The compound is used to treat urea cycle disorders, because its metabolites offer an alternative pathway to the urea cycle to allow excretion of excess nitrogen. Sodium phenylbutyrate is a sodium salt of an aromatic fatty acid, made up of an aromatic ring and butyric acid. The chemical name for sodium phenylbutyrate is 4-phenylbutyric acid, sodium salt. It forms water-soluble off-white crystals.

ChemNMR 1H Estimation

HNMR OF Sodium 4-phenylbutyrate

ChemNMR 13C Estimation

CNMR OF Sodium 4-phenylbutyrate

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