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CAS 3493-12-7 Methylmethionine Sulfonium Chloride
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CAS 3493-12-7 Methylmethionine Sulfonium Chloride

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Chemical Formula: C6H14ClNO2S2
Exact Mass: 231.02
Molecular Weight: 231.75
m/z: 231.02 (100.0%), 233.01 (32.0%), 233.01 (9.0%), 232.02 (6.5%), 235.01 (2.9%), 234.02 (2.1%), 232.01 (1.6%)
Elemental Analysis: C, 31.10; H, 6.09; Cl, 15.30; N, 6.04; O, 13.81; S, 27.67
1.Vitamin U Powder is a vitamin found in green vegetables. It is used in the treatment of peptic ulcers, colitis, and gastritis and has an effect on secretory, acid-forming, and enzymatic functions of the intestinal tract.

2.Vitamin U was termd from the fact that a very small quantity of this compound was effective for the medical treatment of the gastric ulcer. From the word ulcer came letter "U". But the Vitamin U isn't vitamin, it is a derivativ of the acid methionin.

3.Vitamin U strengthens the immunsystem of human, animal, and plant cells. Protects from damage the membran systems of living sells (the walls cellorganels, etc). Moreover the damage can be stopped and can easily be regenerated.

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