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CAS 364-62-5 Metoclopramide
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CAS 364-62-5 Metoclopramide

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Chemical Formula: C14H22ClN3O2
Exact Mass: 299.14
Molecular Weight: 299.80
m/z: 299.14 (100.0%), 301.14 (32.0%), 300.14 (15.1%), 302.14 (4.8%), 300.14 (1.1%), 301.15 (1.1%)
Elemental Analysis: C, 56.09; H, 7.40; Cl, 11.82; N, 14.02; O, 10.67


Metoclopramide is an antagonist of dopamine 2 (D2) receptor. It can also stimulate 5-HT4 receptor and slightly inhibit 5-HT3 receptor. It can act on dopamine receptors in the chemosensory area (CTZ) of the medulla oblongata to increase the threshold of CTZ, and has a strong central antiemetic effect. This product can also block hypothalamic dopamine receptor, inhibit prolactin inhibitor, and promote prolactin secretion, so it has certain prolactin effect. It has little inhibitory effect on other parts of the central nervous system. It has weak sedative effect and less hypnotic effect. It can promote the movement of stomach and upper intestinal segment, increase the tension of gastrointestinal sphincter at rest, increase the tension and contraction of lower esophageal sphincter, and increase the pressure of lower esophagus, It can block the gastroesophageal reflux, strengthen the peristalsis of stomach and esophagus, enhance the ability of clearing the contents of esophagus, promote the emptying of stomach, promote the relaxation of pylorus, duodenum and upper jejunum, and form the functional coordination between stomach and upper small intestine. These effects can also enhance the antiemetic effect of the product. The transport effect of this product on the small intestine and colon is uncertain.


1.Metoclopramide is used for chemotherapy, radiotherapy, operation, brain injury, sequelae of brain injury, sea and air operation and vomiting caused by drugs;

2. Metoclopramide is used for symptomatic treatment of nausea and vomiting symptoms of acute gastroenteritis, biliary tract and pancreas, uremia and other diseases; 

3.Metoclopramide can be used before diagnostic duodenal intubation, which is helpful for successful intubation; gastrointestinal barium X-ray examination can reduce nausea and vomiting reaction, and promote the passage of barium.

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