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CAS 4437-85-8 4-ETHYL-1,3-DIOXOLAN-2-ONE
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CAS 4437-85-8 4-ETHYL-1,3-DIOXOLAN-2-ONE

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Chemical Formula: C5H8O3
Exact Mass: 116.05
Molecular Weight: 116.12
m/z: 116.05 (100.0%), 117.05 (5.4%)
Elemental Analysis: C, 51.72; H, 6.94; O, 41.34
BLOOM TECH Chemicals 4-ETHYL-1,3-DIOXOLAN-2-ONE CAS 4437-85-8 Our business field: 1.Patent drugs, Only for science researching, Intermediates in bulk production, Standard substance, Target impurity compound R&D. 2.Non-Patent drugs, New Achievements for R&D agencies, pharmaceutical block, API bulk manufacturing. The pure target substance is the last stop of our product. In the certain quality, we provide the best price and most professional service. We announce: 1.None Fake goods/False certificate/lie/illegal thing in our sales net! 1016.We are the Pharmaceutical/chemical R&D enterprise, we don't manufacture pill, capsule, medicine, vial, ampoule, tablet, drug.
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