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Chemical reagent wholesale from BLOOM TECH
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Chemical reagent wholesale from BLOOM TECH

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Chemical reagent wholesale from BLOOM TECH

ACHIEVE CHEM-TECH (Since 2008)Factory Store. Professional supply for Chemical reagent/lab chemical/laboratory chemical

Wholesale of chemical reagent

(1)For Basics reagent

Stable quality, Nice price, professional service from before-sale, quotation, shipping, and after-sale service.

(2)For senior organic intermediate reagent(One by one quotation)

We are the Over 250,000 categories chemicals in stock, achieve your R&D goal rapidly.
We seek the long-term, stable cooperation. Our principle: Reject fake goods! Reject low quality! Otherwise the quality problem will bring much trouble, in the whole progress.
In the standard of quality, our price is absolutely as same as local China market. For explanation, we do organic synthesis 13 years, almost all the chemical reagent companies have the stable relationship with us. We can purchase at 10%-20% discount, this part is our profit.

So we only do wholesale, and we will draft the MOQ($5k-10k) between you and us.
3.Sincere and Honesty
(1)Comparing price

If you are doubt whether our price is accepted by your side or not, we will quote some products of your list, you can compare with others.

(2)Certain answer

Then please give us the certain answer, only one thing: "In this price level, you are certain to buy or not?"

If yes, we will accompish the whole quotation all the inquiries from you.

Before that, some buyers let us to fill many aimless form, it is heavy work, then they can't control if they order or not, it is the not sincere behavior. Hope our efforts can be exchanged by yours.

4.About the Shipping

Complete documents for shipping and customs, if it is dangerous goods, professional package and shipping forwarder, we have rich experience.

For chemical reagent wholesale, We are willing to bid your projects.
(1)If you have forwarder in local China, we provide the EXW Price.
(2)If you need we ship it to your destination, we can provide the shipping solution. 

5. Customized chemicals

6. Our lab can customize the chemical for you, for example: 

Recently we customized the chemical reagent for Indonesia government, they use it to analyze the content of  Cobalt and Cadmium ion in water.
Comparing with the cost of TCI/Sigma reagent, our price is 1/3 of them.

photobank (4)(1)



First of all, we declare the principle below, please pay attention:
1.About us

Each words are real, each pictures was taken with the real product. The buyers needn't to confirm again. No lie in our business communication!

We are Pursuing the best chemical technology, we insist the quality no matter how fierce competition.

Don't trust the unreasonable price, please compare the price in the same level quality!
We are a chemical researching agency & factory, we are a manufacturer, we make a living on Chemistry, we don't do anything shame on Great Chemistry! We Don't sale illegal chemicals!

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Our Services

Guide of purchase(How to purchase)

1.For chemical field, the price will be related with Quantity. So the accurate price based on the quotation.

2.Please send the Clear chemical name and Quantity(Weight--Solid, Volume--Liquid) to us, our sales Dept. will provide the one-for-one service for you(General unit: g, kg, ton, mL, L etc.)

3.We quote and provide the shipping solution.

(Quotation & Shipping solution & Technology support)

We will provide the professional quotation list for you, it will be including all the factors in whole business process(Quality, shipping, payment, files etc.).



(1)Inventory chemicals

We will ship it out in 1-3 work days. And we provide the tracking No. and complete documents for customs clearance.

(2)Customization chemicals


6.Other consultation about technology support, chemicals customization

(Please send inquiry, Our sales will contact you in short time)

Real Example please check below:

详情图 Remark:

1.The example only show the Quotation Solution from us, it is not our on-sale product.

2.We have too many chemicals on sale, we can't upload all of them on here. So please send the inquiry list to us.

3.We provide the EXW Price first, no matter your forwarder or our forwarder undertake the shipping task, we can provide the clear, complete documents to them, it is convenient for the customs clearance on your country.

4.Our price is Far cheaper than Merck, TCI etc., even we are the supplier of them.


Company Information


1.We Focus on the technology of Organic Synthesis since 2008.

2.Organic intermediate/Fine chemical/New materials/Extraction etc.

3.Chemical reagent: Over 250,000 categories in stock, achieve your R&D goal rapidly.

4.Customization/Technology support/R&D assistance/CRO/CMO/ODM.

5.We have the complete ISO system to make your purchasing risk into the lowest.





We are the Qualified suppliers of 24 famous listed international companies, including R&D agencies, Colleges, New material factories, Wholesale trader etc. 
Remark: Our information can be checked in their official website, so we haven't violate the confidential agreement of ours if we show "we are the supplier of them".


For example: We are the qualified supplier of ARAMCO, our efforts of Chemical researching and supply gained the recognition of ARAMCO.

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 photobank (3)(1)

 Packaging & Shipping

We will refer the MSDS to design the package standard and show you at the PI or Quotation list.

If you want customize package and haven’t go against the principle of science, we will do as your request. The cost will be calculate your request.

For dangerous goods, only one style of package, we will do as the UN standard.

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