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BLOOM Isopropylbenzylamine Crystals

N-isopropylbenzylamine, CAS 102-97-6, The molecular formula is c10h16n, In General, It is colorless to yellow oily liquid, Now, more and more suppliers make it into N-isopropylbenzylamine crystal/solid isopropylbenzylamine. 
It need to be stored in a cool and ventilated warehouse. Keep away from fire and heat source. It should be stored separately from oxidant and avoid mixed storage. As an effective pharmaceutical intermediate, transparent N-isopropylbenzylamine powder has also contributed to human health. Because n-isopropylbenzylamine can become a precursor of certain drugs, it is usually used as an intermediate in the pharmaceutical industry. n-isopropylbenzylamine can also be used as an anti-rust agent, which can penetrate into rust, corrosive substances, and oil stains so as to easily remove which on screws and bolts.


How To Make Isopropylbenzylamine

How To Make Isopropylbenzylamine

As a professional manufacturer of isopropylbenzylamine synthesis big bar that strictly abides by the law, Shaanxi BLOOM TECH Co., Ltd. is trusted by customers all over the world.More and more people want to konw how to make isopropylbenzylamine crystals?Quality is the first, The crystal grows slowly, we need pick the best original seed of crystals every time.

About isopropylbenzylamine,We have three specifications:

Ⅰ. Pure N-ISO(Melting point 200 degree) 

3 shapes of crystal from the right 1st to 3rd, it has smell but the size of crystal is the biggest.

Ⅱ. N-ISO mixed with MSM(CAS 67-71-0) (Melting point 180 degree)The left 2nd is it, the size of crystal, smell and MP are all in medium.

Ⅲ. N-ISO mixed with MSM(CAS 67-71-0) (Melting point 170 degree)The left 1st is it, the size of crystal, smell and MP are all in min.Ⅳ.New achievements of other color crystal(Pink, blue, yellow etc.)


BLOOM Isopropylbenzylamine Manufacturer Leader

Capacity of company
We are a organic synthesis Researching agency+factory. Pursuing the best chemical Crystallization technology, It is chemicals, not drugs, not medicine. The quality items of our product is the Scientific Analysis result: NMR, HPLC/GC, Assay etc. to analysis the purity and other quality item, the purity is 98.0%. We are isopropylbenzylamine manufacturer and supplier,Our orders of this product is 1,000+/year, we have the advanced experience.
About quality
If the product is any different from picture, we refund all your payment. The crystal grows slowly, we need pick the best original seed of crystals every time. Recently, Some suppliers don't know what is chemicals at all and provide a unreasonable low price, provide the fake goods like picture or worse, even the product is not this chem compound! so pls recognize details.
About price
Many Chinese traders also purchase it from us, then they sell it to the international market. Our isopropylbenzylamine price is lower and reasonable, if the price is far higher or lower than us, pls pay attention.


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Isopropylbenzylamine Uses

Isopropylbenzylamine is a common organic base, an important organic synthetic raw material,  and is a common intermediate or drug precursor in pharmaceutical industry.
Isopropylbenzylamine is also a kind of chemical intermediate used as antirust agent,It can penetrate into rust, corrosives and oil stains so as to easily remove rust and corrosives on screws and bolts. It has the functions of penetrating rust removal, loosening lubrication, resisting corrosion and protecting metal. It can also form and store a layer of lubricating film on the surface of parts, which can inhibit the corrosion caused by moisture and many other chemical components.


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