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  • Is production and trading of n-isopropylbenzylamine legal?

    Big bar organic n-isopropylbenzylamine is not a rare chemical, in fact, you can find it in many chemical plants. As an effective pharmaceutical intermediate, transparent N-IBA powder has also contributed to human health. However, because high purity N-IBA crystal is an isomer of methamphetamine, its legality has been questioned by many people. Unlike its "brother", in fact, its production and trading are completely legal.

  • Chemical reagent wholesale from BLOOM TECH

    Chemical reagent wholesale from BLOOM TECHACHIEVE CHEM-TECH (Since 2008)Factory Store. Professional supply for Chemical reagent/lab chemical/laboratory chemical Wholesale of chemical reagent(1)For Basics reagentStable quality, Nice price, professional service from before-sale, quotation, shipping, a

  • Our Company

    Our CompanyWHO WE ARE1.We Focus on the technology of Organic Synthesis since 2008.2.Organic intermediate/Fine chemical/New materials/Extraction etc.3.Chemical reagent: Over 250,000 categories in stock, achieve your R&D goal rapidly.4.Customization/Technology support/R&D assistance/CRO/CMO/ODM.5.We h

  • Our Services

    Our ServicesGuide of purchase(How to purchase)1.For chemical field, the price will be related with Quantity. So the accurate price based on the quotation.2.Please send the Clear chemical name and Quantity(Weight--Solid, Volume--Liquid) to us, our sales Dept. will provide the one-for-one service for

  • What range of uses of propylene oxide?

    Propylene oxide is a colorless ether liquid, low boiling point, flammable, and chiral. The industrial product is generally a racemic mixture of two enantiomers. Partly miscible with water, miscible with ethanol and ether. It forms a binary azeotropic mixture with pentane, pentene, cyclopentane, cycl

  • What is propylene oxide?

    Propylene oxide, also known as propylene oxide, methyl ethylene oxide, 1,2-propylene oxide, has a chemical formula of C3H6O. It is a very important raw material for organic compounds and is the third-largest propylene after polypropylene and acrylonitrile. Class derivatives. The following is an intr

  • About chemical reagents

    About chemical reagentsProfessional supply for Chemical reagent/lab chemical/laboratory chemical(1)For Basics reagentStable quality, Nice price, professional service from before-sale, quotation, shipping, and after-sale service.(2)For senior organic intermediate reagent(One by one quotation)We are t

  • Safety instructions on propylene oxide

    Propylene oxide is toxic. Liquid propylene oxide can cause burns to the skin and cornea. Its vapor has irritation and mild anesthesia. Prolonged inhalation of propylene oxide vapor can cause nausea, vomiting, headache, dizziness, and diarrhea. Therefore, there should be some precautions when using,

  • Propylene oxide's prospects and development analysis

    Production under the price of raw materials and production under the price of propane, the price of propane has finally begun to rise. However, in the case of market changes, propylene oxide manufacturers are still very difficult, and the loss is still what they still need to care about. The followi

  • Propylene oxide production method and process

    Propylene oxide is an important propylene derivative, and about 7% of propylene is used for propylene oxide production every year. The production processes mainly include chlorohydrinization, co-oxidation (also called indirect oxidation), and direct oxidation. Nowadays, the main industrialized metho

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